Gold Star Brasil

Gold Star Powders is always keen to be as close as possible to our customers and their individual needs.

All of the Investment Powders are manufactured to the same recipes as those produced in the United Kingdom, and all powders will be subject to the same stringent quality checks. These include laboratory testing for expansion, gloss-off and setting times; each batch is also cast using both brass and silver before being allowed to be despatched to the customer.

Backed by the technical support and raw materials from the U.K., the entire continent of South America will benefit from having the highest quality casting powders manufactured locally.

Gold Star Brasil

Gold Star Brasil
General Manager: Mr. Paolo Malfatti
Rua das Margaridas
70 - Terra Preta
Mairiporã - SP
CEP 07600 - 970
São Paulo, Brasil
Tel: +55 11 4486 1292
Fax: +55 11 4486 1805
Email: paolo@goldstarbr.com.br